Registration Packet

Online Documents

The following documents are available in PDF format. Click on the document title below, fill them out using Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or above, and then print them to turn in with your registration packet. All PDF forms can be filled out then saved using only Adobe Acrobat Reader. (If you don’t have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can get it for free from Adobe by clicking here).

Application Form

If you would like to enroll at SCPNS you must first fill out and submit an application form. Only the Application form is needed to initially enroll in the school. Please be sure to fill out completely and sign this form prior to delivering it to the school. A copy of the Membership Agreement form is also provided below so that you can get an idea of the responsibilities involved in being a member of our school.

The application form can be found here .

Registration Packet

The following documents form the complete registration packet. All of these must be returned by Thursday, August 1st (or asap for families who join after the start of school). Please be sure to fill out completely and sign all printed copies prior to returning to your Membership Chair.

Document Copies Notes
1 Identification and Emergency Information 3
2 Working Parent Emergency Information 3
3 Consent for Emergency Treatment 3
4 Health Screening Report – Facility Personnel 1 For 2’s class and new families only
4a Proof of TB Test 1 Required every 2 years for working parents
5 Physicians Report – Child Care Centers 1 For 2’s class and new families only
6 Child’s Pre-admission Health History -Parent’s Report 1
7 Parental Release Statements 3
8 Parent’s Rights 1
9 Personal Rights 1
10 Personal Automobile Use Permission 1
11 Emergency/Disaster Preparedness 1
11a Family Picture to attach to form 1
12 Photocopy of Child’s Immunization Record 1 Required annually
13 Photo Release Form 1
14 Membership Agreement 1
15 SCPNS Parents Interest Form 1
16 SCPNS Merchandise Order Form 1 Optional
17 Healthy Schools Act 1
18 Parent Immunization Record 1
19 Background Check Consent 1

The Registration Packet is a zip file that contains all of the pdf files listed in the Registration Packet section.

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