Program Description

At SCPNS we have a simple philosophy about children. We believe that children learn through play and from first-hand experience. Your child knows what she/he is ready to learn, and she/he will choose activities that are suitable for her/him. The school environment allows for this free choice by providing a wide variety of cognitive, social and large and small muscle activities so that children can progress at their own rate of development.

Our program is planned and implemented by credentialed teachers and aided by caring parents who work in the program. Your child will learn how to function successfully in a group setting with both children and adults. A parent/teacher/child situation such as ours will help your child develop positive attitudes about school and will offer you the supportive community that we all need for the challenging task of parenting. We know that you will enjoy participating so personally in your child's nursery school experience and will find it very rewarding.

One of the major strengths of the SCPNS program is the parent education component. As a parent working in our program you will learn from several sources including first hand participation, guided observations of your child at play, and monthly meetings. At some monthly meetings specialists in related fields of child development are invited to speak. To provide such a well-run program requires much coordination and dedication on the part of the parents and teachers.

See the School Philosophy and History page for additional details.

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